Automated key Investigative and tactical fast actions to capture critical evidence during an active shooter or shot detection activation. The platform responds immediately and gathers, processes and acts on key video evidence of the vicinity, providing first responders and decison makers with time critical information. 

Hotlist & Alerting

Cintelligence Timeline

Key investigative and tactical fast actions to capture critical evidence


CINTELLIGENCE dashboard now provides a converged view of mapping, ALPR, shot detection, CCTV cameras and operator alerts. Cintelligence has automatically updated ALPR hotlists, saved video & images and alerted the operator. The operator can now view direction of travel of multiple vehicles, pass suspects license plate information and last known location to ground units to support rapid and safer interdiction for first responders, as well as early witness identification. Post- event Cintelligence ethics engine requires operators to review the 'fast action hotlist' data, images and plate reads, to justify retention.

ALPR System

Strategically deployed ALPR system throughout your town, city or event with hotlists, geofencing and alerting is automatically updated with plate and description of vehicles in the vicinity of shot detector activation.

CCTV System

Deployed CCTV cameras automatically point to shot detection activation. The platform instantaneously records plate reads, as well as vehicle descriptions, then transmits to ALPR hotlist and Geo-fence for the deployed ALPR system.

Shot detection activation

Strategically deployed shot detection system provides an alert to shots fired at sensor location