Smart Cities

Connect. Protect. Empower.

Cintel Solutions for Smart Cities

Smart Cities provide an unparalleled citizen experience with access to public data and online services to enhance quality of life. Smart City infrastructure can also be used to enhance safety and security. Cintel has the know-how to build Smart City solutions supported by Microservices architecture to ensure your cloud,  IoT devices, sensors and services can respond, learn and flex as your city grows, securely. Connect, protect and empower your citizens.

Smart Street lighting

Vendor Agnostic IoT Hub lighting solutions


Cintel Manufactured CCTV and AI ALPR

Active Shooter 

Cintelligence sensor convergence

CBRS Networks

Certified to install private LTE networks

Smart Infrastructure Solutions

Cintel has a wide variety of Network products designed to connect you to your data, sensors, public and customers, innovative products to build the infrastructure to create smart cities, towns, connected departments and businesses. Connect, protect and empower your communities.

Public Data Access
Sensor Integration
CBRS Networks