Our Mission

Cintel Mission

To deliver innovative security, surveillance and network, products, services and solutions to enhance access, safety and security of our cities, towns, businesses and communities

Our Expertise


We have over 20 years of experience in surveillance and surveillance technologies both in the USA and Worldwide


We have over 30 years of experience in building Networks and communications technologies in the USA and Worldwide

Law Enforcement

We have over 25 years of experience in both Law Enforcement and Counter Terrorism Operations, including Crisis Management, Command & Control, Covert Operations and Surveillance


We have over 20 years of experience in ALPR deployment, policy and technologies both in the USA and in the United Kingdom

What do we do 

Cintel is an innovative technology company that manufactures and provides state-of-the-art, rapidly deployable, Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR), surveillance, network solutions and professional services  for public safety, law enforcement, retail and commercial environments.

Cintel manufactures a broad range of custom ALPR security, surveillance and network solutions to fit a variety of demanding applications for our customers.
From techincial and business consultation, survey and system design, to deployment. We provide a full suite of surveillance, security and network products,solutions and services to surpass industry requirements, including public safety, events, parking, stadia, tolls, airports, school campuses, College campuses, private businesses and other residential communities.
With our proprietary, state of the art technology, Cintel has a proven track record of delivering industry leading performance, results and reliability to our customers; including federal law enforcement agencies, public safety and commercial clients

Our team

Our competitive edge begins with our people and values. We are a professional team of experienced and passionate people whose goal is to deliver transformational solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations in terms of features, function, ease of use, and reliability. CINTEL takes pride in our partnerships with other global technology leaders, integrators, and distributors, to provide best of breed solutions. The CINTEL team is your choice for integrated surveillance solutions

Why our customers choose Cintel

Our customers choose us because we are a cost effective solutions provider, we design, manufacture, deploy and implement cutting edge solutions. We support our customers with our considerable expertise in technical know how, surveillance technology & tactics, ALPR, parking, communications, networks and events management. We combine our unique product line to create compelling solutions to delight our customers

Cintel USA

Our Values

  1. INTEGRITY - We are an honest broker with uncompromising corporate Integrity. We speak the truth to our clients and the agencies they represent
  2. TRUST -As former operators, we understand that clients and agencies trust us to design robust, reliable systems. Law Enforcement agencies trust us to keep them in CJIS compliance and to be knowledgeable of ever-changing regulations and standards. We believe, through our actions, we will earn trust
  3. SERVICE - We build customers for life. That is why we continuously strive to improve our customers' experience. We focus on the total experience; that includes interactions both before and most importantly after the sale. We believe customer intimacy is the baseline for achieving the perfect customer experience. Our mantra: CINTEL, the company that is easy to do business with.

Some of our customers


 “My staff had 24x7 flawless HD streaming video from 40+ PTZ and Fixed Cameras throughout the event allowing them to concentrate on the actual security of the MLB staff and visitors rather than having to worry about technology. The new public safety RF network allowed us to avoid the cellular congestion which has plagued previous large-scale event surveillance in Miami.”

Major Alberto Alberto
Miami Police Department Special Events Coordinator