Cintel manufactures an industry leading product line of Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) cameras, with the patent pending Eversharp Technology™. Cintel offers best in breed fixed and mobile ALPR camera solutions. The CLARITY (“CS”) ALPR camera is available in multiple configurations with multiple lens and IR illumination options to provide reliable capture performance anywhere in the world. All of our ALPR camera products are available with our Artificial Intelligence image analysis engine. Our cameras are designed to be easy to setup and operate under any conditions and to provide reliable performance


Cintel offers a full line of ALPR trailer and retrofittable trailer-kit solutions for law enforcement and have been supplying them to customers since 2012, Our unique obscured design and locking camera boxes are in use across the USA and supplied to many other vendors such as Vetted Security Solutions. The trailers are designed to conceal the ALPR cameras and are offered in radar (speed) trailer, variable message sign (VMS) trailer, or surveillance trailer configurations for any event or operation. The trailers are designed to be:

Easy to transport for rapid deployment

Offer Remote cellular communication

Concealed to passing motorists

Works with any lighting, weather or road conditions

Affordable product


The mobile technology needed to support today's law enforcement personnel, intelligence organizations and joint agency task forces requires considerable flexibility in both capability and deployment options. Our proprietary line of Mobile ALPR Surveillance Kits are easily transported, able to be rapidly deployed in a wide range of scenarios and have been designed to be robust and easy to operate. We offer kits for marked vehicles, unmarked and surveillance vehicles, as well as leave-behind “drop” kits for remote surveillance applications.


Our CCTV products are manufactured to support a variety of environments ranging from cities to commercial properties. Our products support full PTZ functionality and low light applications. Our cameras are  rapidly deployable via trailer configuration or combined with fixed locations and shot detector techonologies to secure and surveil your city, event, incident,  neighborhood or business premises.


The display technology needed to support today's law enforcement personnel, intelligence organizations, joint agency task forces, major event coordination, retail surveillance control room or operations centre requires considerable flexibility in both capability and deployment options. Our Video Wall configurations have been designed to be robust and easy to operate to provide the ideal display option for your surveillance apparatus. We offer temporary as well as fixed installation Video walls, projection as well as monitor products.


Cintel knows networks and we can now provide our customers with ground breaking wireless technology solutions providing almost limitless data and voice services outdoors and indoors with Citizen Broadband Radio Service installations. The data requirements needed to support todays smart cities, towns, Law Enforcement operations, major events and safety in public spaces requires both voice and data solutions with a quality of service to support your mission and connect you to the world. Cintel is now a certified professional installer of CBRS products and can now add this to our extensive network offerings.

CLARITY™ Search & Hotlist

Cintel doesn’t just build products, we deliver solutions.
We offer Clarity Intelligent Search, Hotlist, trusted and geofence functionality .

Intelligent Search

Clarity™ has an advanced search engine providing plate search for both full and partial plate , vehicle descriptor, time, date, location as well as predictive search parameters

Hotlist & Alert

Clarity™ Hotlisting allows for the creation of hotlists and alerts for vehicles of interest


Clarity™ allows for geofencing of areas to create virtual rings of steel or virtual defensive rings around locations to alert when breached

CLARITY™Analysis & Sharing

Cintel doesn’t just build products, we deliver solutions.
We offer Clarity™ Analysis providing vehicle insights, data sharing and storage .


Clarity™ has an advanced functions providing predicative analysis on future vehicle movement, convoy analysis, location, descriptor and temporal searches 

Data Sharing

Clarity™ provides users with access to the Clarity Cloud™ which allows for the secure sharing of data

Data Storage

Clarity™ provides Clarity Cloud™a Secure CJIS compliant cloud storage capabillty for your data. 


Cintel doesn’t just build products, we deliver solutions.
We offer an intelligent incident management solution providing key decision makers with unparalleled situational awareness  .

Visualise data

Acuity™ allows you  to visualise static and dynamic data on a map. This includes intelligence, Points of Interest, GPS tracking data and events in real time

Logging & Task Management

Acuity™ allows you to log events in real time. Functionality includes sharing, privatising, geocoding and task management

Case Management & Asset Management

Acuity™ provides the functionality to manage you case files, media, teams and operations with a powerful search engine

ALPR Software

CLARITY TM is the nation’s first and only nationally hosted commercial ALPR back office and data sharing initiative that contributes data real time to law enforcement. Cintel developed CLARITY TM as a Community policing tool to complement other video security surveillance technologies and to provide instant alerting to law enforcement.

Provides for ALPR data capture, white-lists, hotlists, data sharing and alerting to local law enforcement.

Offers analytics reporting to provide businesses with key performance metrics.

Contributes data to Dedicated fully CJIS Compliant Law enforcement only datastore for onward sharing to other LPR Platforms

Surveillance Operations / Critical Incident Command Software

AcuityTM is a web based searchable, fusion technology software platform that was designed by and for investigative teams conducting surveillance operations or running critical incident command operations. AcuityTM is a single common operating system that provides communications, live sensor feed access, collected information, interactive mapping, Command and Control, reporting, and situational awareness. It gives all team members in an operation the ability to not only view the system, but to work interactively and communicate through the platform. It was developed for joint agency task force investigations and their teams.

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