Cintel is a premier technology provider of convergent surveillance solutions

 Our Company manufactures a broad range of custom ALPR security and surveillance solutions to fit a variety of demanding applications for our customers.

 From site consultation and system design, to installation and commissioning, to systems and software, we provide a full suite of products and services to meet specific industry needs, including those for public safety, parking & tolls, airports, school campuses, private businesses and other residential communities. 

With our proprietary, state of the art technology, Cintel has a proven track record of delivering industry leading performance, results, and reliability to our customers including federal law enforcement agencies, public safety, and commercial clients. 

Our Team

Our competitive edge begins with our people and values. We are a professional team of experienced and passionate people whose goal is to deliver transformational solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations in terms of features, function, ease of use, and reliability. Cintel takes pride in our partnerships with other global technology leaders, integrators, and distributors, to provide best of breed solutions. The Cintel team is your dependable choice for innovative surveillance solutions.


Our Commitment

 We pride ourselves on helping our customers achieve their safety, security and business goals by finding smarter ways to deliver value-added solutions. Whatever your surveillance needs, Cintel has an answer.