Main Event Surveillance™ 

CINTEL’s Main Event Surveillance™ is a scalable, rapidly-deployable, mobile surveillance offering that lets clients pre-select and combine technologies from a menu of services. Security professionals can create a customized, layered security zone that maximizes situational awareness and surveillance options. Surveillance options include Video Surveillance, License Plate Recognition (LPR), Event Media Threat Monitoring, Command Post Operations, Shot Detection and UAS Detection and Monitoring. 

Mobile Surveillance Trailers: 

  • Customizable - can be up-fitted with an array of IP video surveillance cameras, License Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras, or other surveillance sensors.

  • Scalable - deploy assets as needed. Cover multiple venue locations simultaneously. Uses cellular or RF line of sight for wireless communications backhaul network.

 Surveillance Operations Software:
  • Fully integrates with geo-spatial software to provide mapping displays of event surveillance sensors, creating a common operating picture to maximize operators' situational awareness.

  • Develop and manage LPR “hotlists” of banned vehicles or “white-lists” for VIPs, with real time alerting.
  • Track key personnel or surveillance assets via GPS tracking.

Event Media Threat Monitoring: 

  •  Monitor event-related social media and other data for linkages of people, places, and events.

  • Provide situational awareness that drives actionable intelligence for event law enforcement / security personnel.

Mobile Command Post: 

  • Fully-operational mobile or fixed command post for on premise deployment.

  • Provides local operational command capabilities to control multiple locations or venues simultaneously.

  • Manages all data backhaul communications from surveillance feeds.

  • Relays real-time surveillance data to any designated local law enforcement or unified command operations center.

Shot Detection: 

  • Creates a shot detection perimeter around the event venue.

  • Detects gunfire accurately to provide increased situational awareness for first responders.

UAS Detection and Monitoring: 

  • Automated solution that monitors airspace, detects threats then tracks unauthorized UAS that enter a restricted airspace.

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